How to manage household waste

Post Date :7/06/21

Household waste or domestic waste is waste that is generated in the day-to-day activities of a household. It can really stack up if we are not taking proper action to recycle, re-purpose and dispose of them properly. It can include everything from lawn clippings to inefficient light bulbs to battery disposal.

One of the good things about household waste is that not all of it is waste. If we are more careful with this and think before tossing something in the garbage, this can drastically reduce the amount of waste. Many recycling programs accept paper, glass, bottles, cans, and numerous other items which can be broken down and reused. Light bulbs, batteries, and household cleaners on the contrary are actually hazardous waste. It is important to handle them safely and ensure that they are disposed of off properly so that they do not cause any harm.

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to keep our home and environment clean and pollution-free and that has to start from our home. One of the best ways to manage home waste is to decrease the garbage you produce at your home. When you produce less waste, clearly you will be able to manage it better. All that you need is a little bit of discipline and creative and imaginative skills to efficiently manage home waste. 

Listed below are the best ways of managing the waste and garbage of your home.

Say no to plastic bags

Plastic bags are nothing more than waste, so it is best if you develop a habit of using your own reusable cloth bags instead of plastic ones. Whenever you go grocery shopping try to carry your own reusable bags instead of taking the cheap quality plastic bags provided at the store. You can stock up reusable bags and then keep them in places where you will not forget to take them whenever you go out shopping. However, the cloth bags must not be just limited to grocery shopping. Make a note to carry them when you go shopping for other items as well. It is best if you develop this habit at the earliest. It would save waste and the environment.

Prefer foods with less packaging

One of the smart ways to reduce your home waste is by purchasing foods with minimum packaging. Because when you choose foods with excessive packaging, then you are obviously producing excess waste in the form of plastic. In contrast to that, if get foods that have got minimal packaging especially plastic, then the amount of home waste produced daily will come down on its own.

Buy cosmetic in bulk

Not just the food and grocery, but the other necessities like skincare, haircare, and other cosmetics products can also be brought in bulk quantity. This will obviously reduce the amount of packaging and will automatically lead to lesser wastes. Also, if you want to further reduce domestic waste and then you may opt for natural home remedies for your hair and skin instead of market products with a lot of packaging.

Avoid packaged drinks

As we all are aware that bottled water or other bottled drinks are a major source of waste, so it is better to avoid using the bottled drinks. Now, at times it is safer to go for bottled water than using tap water. If that is your case then it is acceptable. But if it is not your case, then you can easily opt to use the tap water. You may filter it if you want to purify it or if you don’t like its original taste.

Donate old unused items

There’s no surprise to how much home garbage can be reduced just by donating old and unused items. If you have old clothes, electronics, or other items that are of no use to you, are in decent condition; they can be used by others. So, it is better if you donate those items to charity or to other people rather than dumping them. This will not just help you manage the waste of your home but will also help people who may be in dire need of those goods.

Reuse what you can

By reusing, you can limit garbage to a great extent. You can use the containers a number of times before throwing them in the garbage. All the bottles, bags can be used a second time only if you know how to reuse them imaginatively.

Follow the recycling policies

All of the cities have different policies of throwing glass, plastic, and paper recyclables separately or may offer different bins. So, it is very important for you to check and follow the recycling policies of your city.

Handle hazardous wastes properly

Even though it is advised to reuse or recycle items, there are some items that cannot be recycled or reused as they are hazardous, so it is best to handle such items with caution. You need to dispose of such items in the trash safely or at the hazardous waste facility. Paint, batteries, light bulbs, computers, TVs, and other electronic items are some examples of these.

Recycle to make compost

One of the best ways to manage the waste is by using the food scraps and the yard cuttings wisely. There is no need to throw them away in the trash. This is because you can easily compost them and convert them into rich and fertile soil that can be used in your garden. And, if you do not have one of your own, you can give it to someone who has one.

Disposal of Waste

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