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Post Date :7/06/21

Kabadi means junk or scrap and Kabadi or Kabadiwala refers to “junk or scrap dealer”. Kabadiwala is a term used commonly in India for a person who deals with used or waste household stuff. They roam around the streets with a large bag in hand to buy used or waste items from homes with the purpose of recycling them. The most common items that are traded have to be newspapers, cardboards, glass and metal objects.

Although it may seem like an easy process but trust me it’s not. It is a time-consuming process. First finding a kabadiwala, standing with him to weigh your scrap and bargaining with him for the cash in return of your scrap.

 Recycling is a cost-saving process. It may even help in reducing pollution. A study shows that recycling paper saves 70 % air pollution and 40% energy. Selling the kabad to the kabadiwala’sis still a very commonoccurence in India.

Well, over the last decade, dealing with scrap has become a lot easier than it was before.

Today everything is just a click away from groceries, medicines, beauty products to clothes and jewellery owing to the development in technology. The e-commerce industry has reached new heights over the last decade. Now, e-commerce has even entered the waste management sector.

Kabadi Plus saves you the trouble of disposing of the scrap on your own which can be quite a task.We offer a free doorstep service to pick up the waste. Our aim is to make waste handling more manageable and lucrative for you. We will ensure the waste’s disposal is eco-friendly.

Kabadi Plus provides you with comfort with its doorstep services and gives you an opportunity to cash your scrap.

Start selling your scarp online and help to keep the country green and clean. Our mission is to involve the entire nation on a drive to keep our country clean. We plan to make it easy for all the citizens to access our services around the country.

Kabadi Plus is a robust network of trusted scrap collectors that provides the ease & function of finding the right scrap collector near you. You can schedule your pick up according to your convenience & find the right price for your scrap. On order, the nearest scrap dealer will come to your house and collect the discarded items from your doorstep.

We serve all over the country. Kabadi Plus is for everyone. As a resident anywhere, now you don’t have to worry about getting away with your scrap, scheduling your pick up and finding the right price for your items. You can access a vast network of trusted scrap collectors from our database for selling your scrap at your convenience and at the right price.

We serve all organizations & businesses no matter big or small. We assure you to collect the scraps at the best rates. We are capable enough to handle large volumes of scraps through our extensive and trusted scrap collectors’ network and you get an instant valuation of our items. Our intuitive platform identifies the material and accordingly suggests the best market rate with smooth payment options.

You can download our app from the play store and know what your kabad is worth.

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